Ways to get the
Dating For
True Love System

Available Options to Get The Dating For True Love System

  1. Over the Web

    1 On-Demand + 1 Live Streaming Ticket


    Purchase the Over the Web package and receive a ticket to a Live Streamed event plus  a ticket to a recorded Dating For True Love  OnDemand. This package includes:


      •  1 Live Stream ticket for any live broadcast of the Dating For True Love
      •  1 Ticket for two months access (unlimited views) of a Dating For True Love  OnDemand
      •  The Dating For True Love  Guidebook
      •  Upon completion, an invitation to join Bloved Dating  for free — forever!  
      •  A paperback copy of The Mirror Effect book (requires Bloved Dating activation)
      •  30 days of inspiration, educational, after-party texts to keep you on track
      •  Unlimited access to Mirror University  
      •  Access to live Q&As with Troy and Judy







"I love, love,



It was very, very DIFFERENT.
A really new way of finding TRUE love.

"It was so compelling! It was very, very different. The part about not having to settle I found very eye opening. You can actually have the love of your dreams—he's out there and I can find him! It's really a new way of looking at dating and finding true love. You owe it to yourself to give it a try because you have everything to gain and nothing to lose." — Alexandra


The KEY piece
I take away is HOPE!

"I come away with, wow, there’s really something really powerful here. This is good stuff. I’m engaged, I’m in, and I highly recommend it. I’m clear this is going to make a big difference for people.” — Alan


You REALLY opened by eyes.

"I found your discussion about the old paradigm and new paradigm very eye opening. The way you laid it out really opened my eyes as to what I did in the past that did not work. This has me focusing on different ways and really creates hope for finding my future Loveship.” — Angie



"Extremely refreshing. Inspiring. Stimulating. They update the old, worn-out concepts about dating that no longer apply, and paint a new, very appealing picture of how our romantic true love can be. The event gave me so much hope for the future — it was truly a life-changing event.” — Sahina


EVERYTHING I've been conditioned
to BELIEVE about love IS WRONG.

"I discovered that everything I've been conditioned to believe about love is wrong—that it actually can be really easy, fun, and natural. That's so awesome! It's completely different than anything I've ever learned. I'm ready to go searching for what I want and not settle. I come away with a lot of hope and excitement that it's all possible." — Linda


and LOGIC of it all.

"Now I realize what I’ve been doing wrong! I will definitely introduce the approaches you introduced to improve my dating.” — Sandy


Dating can be FUN.
You'll be AMAZED.

"A new perspective that will give you freedom to find your match. Troy and Judy show you how; you will be amazed by the simple perspective, and by the amazing results.” — Jonathan


ABOUT The Dating For True Love System

In a world where there are precious few truly original ideas or solutions, this is exception that breaks all the rules — literally.

Join us for a mind-bending, counter-intuitive day that will challenge all of your assumptions about dating, relationships, and even love itself. By the end of the day you'll see the differences between building  a relationship and finding  love, and you'll know how to find someone who is naturally meant for you — true love.

Be prepared to have your world turned totally right-side up!