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1.1  Logistics
1.2  Deal Makers and Breakers
1.3  Keys To My Heart
1.4  About Me
1.5  More About Me

1.6  Photos
1.7  Mirror Index
1.8  Endorsement Scores
1.9  My Tools

1.9.1  Messages
1.9.2  Journal
1.9.3  Endorsements
1.9.4  Filter
1.9.5  Selection
1.9.6  Genome


2.1  Which Pool To Sort
2.2  Sort The Pool By
2.3  My Mirror Page
2.4  My Account
2.5  radio MM
2.6  mirror U
2.7  Help
2.8  Logout






The Mirror Page displays all the information about a member.  Logistical information, written descriptions, pictures, etc. are all contained within the Mirror Page.


The Mirror Page section consists of: 

   A. Click  on any section header (Logistics, Mirror Index, Keys, About Me) to get help on that section

   1. Tools to delete or save this Mirror Profile, or to send a message to this member

   2. Logistics

   3. Deal Makers and Deal Breakers

   4. Keys To My Heart 

   5. About Me 
   6. More About Me 
   7. Photos
   8. Mirror Index 
   9. Endorsement Scores 
   10. My Tools



Logistics provide information about the organization and details of a person's daily life.  Logistics declare elements like age, height, marital history, number of children living at home, etc.  When logistics are aligned between two people, it makes joining and enjoying a relationship easier.  

In Your Book:  Remember, in mirroring, inequality can breed resentment (Step 4: Selection, The Perils In Selection) .  Mirroring works best when there is equality, even in logistics.

The Mirror Page allows you to work with logistics in two different ways:

• You can set or change your own logistics
• You can set your Dating Genome based on someone else's logistics


Setting your "Logistics"

When viewing your own Mirror Page:

          Use the EDIT button to modify your Logistics.  




History: Marriage history
• Occupation: Your occupation
• Education: Your level of education
• Income: Used for matching, but never displayed or revealed to others

• Height: How tall you are

• Body: Your body type

• Age: How old you are
• Orientation: Your sexual orientation
• Ethnicity: What ethnicity are you?
• Religion: About your religious beliefs
• Politics: Your political affiliation or beliefs
• Has Kids: The number of kids at home
• Wants Kids: Whether you want (more) kids
• Drinks: Do you drink?

• Drugs: What is your relationship with drugs?




Genoming a "Logistics" entry

When viewing other Mirror Pages:

When you're viewing a Mirror Page of someone in your Mirror Pool, you can update your Dating Genome by clicking on any logistic entry.


In the example, Politics: Liberal  is being added to your Dating Genome.


To add this Genome item:


   1. Click on Politics: Liberal entry

   2. Set the slider to the desired value

   3. Click Save 


• Click here for information on the Dating Genome





Deal Makers and Breakers is the place to declare the things that a person must absolutely have (or not have) in their partners and relationships.  Since filtering is a critical component in finding your Magical Match, lettings others know what you absolutely must/must not have in a partner is important in narrowing your mirror pool.


The Mirror Page allows you to work with Makers/Breakers in two different ways:

• You can set or change your own Makers/Breakers
• You can set your Dating Genome based on someone else's Makers/Breakers


Setting your "Deal Makers and Breakers"


When viewing your own Mirror Page:

          Use the EDIT button to modify your Deal Makers & Breakers.  





 Adding a Deal Maker or Breaker

In the example, adrenaline junkie is being added as a Deal Maker.  


To add this Deal Maker:


   1. Key Phrase is typed into the window

   2. Deal Maker radio button is selected

   3. Add button is clicked

Deleting a Deal Maker or Breaker

In the example, adrenaline junkie is being deleted as a Deal Maker.  

To delete this Deal Maker:


   1. Move mouse over adrenaline junkie entry

   2. Click (X)

   3. Click OK in the confirmation window







Genoming a "Deal Maker or Breaker"

When viewing other Mirror Pages:

Clicking on any Maker or Breaker entry will allow you to set a Genome value for that Maker/Breaker.


In the example, Forgiveness is being added to your Dating Genome.

To add this Genome item:


   1. Click on Forgiveness entry

   2. Set the slider  to the desired value

   3. Click Save 



• Click here for information on the Dating Genome



Every person has a set of imperative needs, a list of things they require in order to make them feel alive and deeply connected in a relationship. These are essential air to the soul and without them we cannot breathe in the fullness of life and love.  We call these The Keys To My Heart.



Configuring your "Keys To My Heart"


When viewing your own Mirror Page:

Use the EDIT button to modify your Keys To My Heart.




Adding a Keys To My Heart

In the example, The word... is being added as a Keys To My Heart.

To add this KTMH:


   1. Key Phrase is typed into the window

   2. Add button is clicked




Deleting a Keys To My Heart

In the example, The word... is being deleted as a Keys to My Heart.

To delete this KTMH:


   1. Move mouse over the The word I... entry

   2. Click (X)

   3. Click OK in the confirmation window







Use the About Me to tell others something about yourself.  Others will read this section to discover more about how you are.  If you're familiar with other online dating sites, writing an About Me might be likened to writing a profile.

But Magical Matches is not just another online dating site; we've designed the About Me so that you don't have to write a profile.  You can either:

• personalize your About Me
• write a personalized  Mirror Profile
• or you can use our Mirror Profiles


Personalizing your About Me

There are many ways to write an About Me.  Since Mirroring is about avoiding the superficial and searching for the deeper connection, you should avoid using superficial information in your About Me.  Phrases like, "I like wine, walks on the beach and moonlight" just aren't useful for finding a Magical Match.  Also, avoid marketing yourself.  Success lies in being open and transparent--look for your soul mate by telling him or her something real about you!  Here are some ideas for statement starters.  These will tell your fellow community members about your heart, soul, and mind: 

• I feel ...
• I believe ...
• I love ...
• I need ...
• I am passionate about ...
• I aspire to ...
• My personal motto is ...
• Words that deeply describe me ...
• Oh and one last thing ....


About Me using your Mirror Profile

If you taken the time to write a Mirror Profile, About Me is the perfect place to use it!  Your Mirror Profile is the best way find your Magical Match.

In Your Book: The Step 1 - Mirror Profile section of your book contains additional information on writing a Mirror Profile.   





About Me using our Mirror Profiles


It's perfectly OK if you're not into writing something about yourself.  During the registration process, you read and rated our Mirror Profiles.  Then you thumbs-up'd and thumbs-down'd certain statements into those profiles as a way of fine-tuning your Mirror Pool.



You can use those Mirror Pool Profile Answers as your About Me.   Just follow these instructions.






Setting your About Me


When viewing your own Mirror Page:

Use the EDIT button to modify your About Me.




The Mirror Page allows you to work with About Me in two different ways:

• You can use your Mirror Pool Profile Answers
You can write a personalized Mirror Profile


Using Your Mirror Pool Profile Answers

In the process of creating your account, you read, then thumbs up'd/down'd, the Mirror Profile statements.

If you want to use these statements in your About Me:

    1. Click Use Mirror Profile Answers






Writing a Personalized Mirror Profile


To write your own About Me:

   1. Type your profile into the window

   2. Update is clicked







More About Me asks 12 questions on important elements for a Mirror relationship such as relationship perspectives, emotionality, social inclinations, etc.  In the search for your Magical Match, it's very important to pair on these characteristics.  The more aligned these characteristics are to you, the more harmony and ease you will have in your relationship.

The More About Me questions are just another way to filter your Mirror Pool down to the best candidates for you.   Remember, the only way to reach your Magical Match is to filter, filter, filter!



Setting your "More About Me"


When viewing your own Mirror Page:

Use the EDIT button for each More About Me question.  Answer the question in the pop-up window and press Update.  Then continue to the next question.





The Photo tool allows you to upload pictures to your Mirror Page.   Let's keep is simple, my fellow members.  Start first by posting pictures of you so that your fellow members will know you when you show up for a date.  A nice portrait and full length picture, please.  Keep your clothes on for goodness sakes!  We don't need to see you in lingerie or pictures from your last body sculpting competition.  Remember, we're filtering, not marketing.   On the other hand, that doesn't mean that you should post the world's worst selfie either.  Your photo is like a first date.  It's best if you take some time to make a good first impression.

If you have other photos (places, things, etc.) that mirror who you are deep inside in some way, feel free to include those as well.  A picture sometimes it truly worth a thousand words!

You may upload a maximum of 8 photos


Setting your "Photos"


When viewing your own Mirror Page:

Use the CHANGE PHOTOS button to modify your photos.




Uploading Photos


To upload photos: 

   0. Click on CHANGE PHOTOS

   1Click on Browse

   2. Locate the desired photo on your computer

   3. Click Open

   4. Click UPLOAD to upload the photo to your Mirror Page  

        •  Repeat Steps 1-4 for each photo you wish to upload

   5. Click Close when you're finished uploading photos 


Arranging Photos


To arrange the order of your photos: 

   1. Click on header (gray bar) above the photo

   2Drag the photo to the desired location

       • Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each photo move

   3. Click UPDATE ORDER

   4. Click CLOSE




The Mirror Index indicates how well you are mirrored to someone else.  Scores from your answers in the Mirror Pool (during signup), Logistics, etc. are calculated to produce the overall Mirror Index.  Your answers are compared with all the other community members to determine a score on how well you are paired.  



• Mirror Pool:  The Mirror Pool score is calculated on the mirror pools that are selected during the registration process.  Even the Fine Tuning (thumbs up'd/down'd) questions are taken into account.

• Logistics:  Your Logistics settings are compared to the other members.   The more logistics you share in common, the higher the Logistics score.

• More About Me:  The answers you supply in your More About Me are compared to the community members.  The more answers in common, the higher the score.

• Genome: The Genome score reflects how well your genome choices are matched against other members' Logistics and Deal Makers/Breakers.

• Overall Mirror Index: The Mirror Pool, Logistics, More About Me, and Genome scores are combined to create the overall Mirror Index score.



Endorsement Scores are another way to learn about your fellow Magical Matchers.  Endorsement Scores are gathered from people who have had a date with each other. In addition, answering questions in mirror University and listening to radio MM also increase a member's Endorsement Score.

In reviewing a fellow member's Endorsement Score, you can: 

• get a general feel for the accuracy of pictures and logistics
• see the number of endorsements received
• understand how well educated that member is on the Mirroring process



• Pictures:  Score of how well the pictures are matched to the real person.  This score is obtained when a member completes the Logistics questionnaire within the Selection Tool.  The maximum score is 10.

• Logistics:  Score of how well a member's Logistics represent their real-life logistics.  This score is obtained when a member completes the Logistics questionnaire within the Selection Tool.  The maximum score is 10.

• Endorsements: One point is added to the Endorsement for each endorsement a member receives.  This score is obtained when a member completes the Endorsement section within the Selection Tool.

• Overall Endorsement Score: The Picture, Logistics, and Endorsements are calculated together to produce the overall Endorsement Score (large brown circle).  In addition, any scores earned from mirror U and radio MM are added directly to the overall Endorsement Score.




My Tools is a collection of features designed to help you from the moment you start using Magical Matches until the day you find your Magical Match.  My Tools provides the ability to send message to other community members, check endorsements, and view your genome settings.  Too, there are tools to help you with Steps 2 (Filter), 3 (Connection), and 4 (Selection) so that can easily implement the 6-Step Mirroring process.

What are the tools in the My Tools-box?

• Message Tool
Journal Tool
• Endorsement Tools
• Filter Tool
Connection/Selection Tool
• The Dating Genome


The MY TOOLS Display Feature
Have you ever had the experience on a dating site where you were trying to send a message, but the message box blocked the profile so you couldn't read the profile at the same time as typing the message?   You end up switching back and forth, and back and forth again, alternating between reading the profile and typing the message.

We've done away with that!  If you need more area to work with a My Tool, just click the Expand Area button.  If you want to be able to review the Mirror Page at the same time as typing a message, then use the Collapse Area button.  Problem solved!






The Message Tool allows you to send messages to your fellow members.  Your messages are delivered in near-real time, so it's possible to use the Message Tool like phone texting or IM.  As a reminder, only members on a paid subscription can send messages to other members.

In this example, Xena is viewing her messages.  Xena has messaged with Joe, Jake, and Larry: 

   1. Click on Messages to open messages

• There are  new messages

   2. Click  to change the sorting of messages

   3. On Jake's message line, click  the: 

envelope/gray bar to display or hide messages with Jake

• the icon  to display Jake's Mirror Page

   4. Click on trashcan to delete all messages with Larry
   5. Messages between Xena and Larry are displayed 
   6. Type a message to Larry
   7. Click SEND to send the message to Larry 


• As a condition of becoming part of the Magical Matches community, you agreed to abide by our Terms and Conditions.  

In those rules that guide our community, you agreed to keep it clean in your messages to others...and we expect you to do just that!

• If you are abusive to or harass a fellow member, you're very likely to be removed from the site.  It's just like Mom used to say, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."  Good advice, Mom!

 Being ill-mannered is not likely to garner you any Endorsements.  Those without Endorsements are less likely to attract interest, and, by extension, dates--so play nice.

 The Terms and Conditions are here if you need a refresher



The Journal Tool provides a place for you to write about your dating and mirroring experiences.  In experiencing the Mirror Effect, we found that people just feel the need to write about their experience.  The Journal Tool is an excellent place to capture the experiences and knowledge learned during the journey to finding your Magical Match.

The Journal Tool allows you to work in two different ways:

• You can access your previous Journal entries from your Mirror Page
• You can make or view Journal entries from other Mirror Pages

Journal Tool from your Mirror Page

When you're viewing the Journal Tools from your Mirror Page, the display will show all the people about whom you have made a Journal entry.


To view Journal entries you've made for June:


   1. Click Journal

   2. Click on June's entry



Clicking on this entry will automatically take you to June's Mirror Page and open the Journal Tool.












Journal Tool on other Mirror Pages

When you're viewing the Journal Tools June's page Mirror Page, the display will show all your journal entries about June.


To view Journal entries you've made for June:


   1. Click Journal

   2. Previous journal entries about June

   3. Type a new journal entry

   4. Click POST































Endorsements are an integral part of the concept of community within Magical Matches.  At the end of the day, everyone on Magical Matches is (or should be) looking for deep love, a mirror, their Magical Match.  We all have the same goal.  Endorsements provide a method to help our fellow members towards his or her goal.

When you have a date with someone who is a fantastic person, but just doesn't happen to be your mirror, give that member an endorsement so that others will know!

To leave an endorsement, use the Selection Tool during the process of rating the date.
• To view endorsements, use the Endorsement Tool in the My Tools section.


To view Endorsements:


   1. Click Endorse

   2. Type of endorsement received

   3. Number of times received


    • The endorsements you have received can be viewed on your Mirror Page

    • Endorsements others have received can be view from their Mirror Page.  For example, to view the endorsements Larry has received, go to Larry's Mirror Page and click the Endorsement Tool.




Filtering is Step 2 of the 6-Step Mirroring process.  As you learned from The Mirror Effect book, the Mirror Profile is designed to elicit an emphatic response from the reader--you're looking for the "Oh My!  How did you know me so well?  Your profile touched me deeply."  

In Step 2, correspondences (emails, texts, phone calls) are monitored for an emphatic response.  Only when you receive an emphatic response do you go on a date.  Until then, the date gate remains closed. 

The Filter Tool  is designed to help you measure correspondences.    

The Filter Tool allows you to work in two different ways:

• You can view your most recent Filter results from your Mirror Page
• You can use the Filter Tool to view/rate from other Mirror Pages


Viewing "Filter" results from your Mirror Page

          When use the Filter Tool from your Mirror Page, the most recent rating is shown for correspondences you've rated.


To view your previous Filter results:


   1. Click Filter

   2. Most recent Filter results for Hank

   3. Click  to display Hank's Mirror Page


Viewing Filter results and ratings from other Mirror Pages    

In the example, you are viewing your previous Filter results for Hank and/or rating a new correspondence with Hank:


   0. Go to Hank's Mirror Page

   1. Click Filter

   2. Rate your latest communications with Hank

   3. Click Submit to process your answers
   4. View the history of your previous Filter ratings for Hank


SELECTION TOOL (Connection/Selection)

Connection and Selection are Steps 3 and 4, respectively, of the 6-Step Mirroring Process. The Selection Tool allows you to measure the connection in each date, as well as the Levels of Mirroring as you discover them through dating and relationship.

After you go on a date, you should use the Selection Tool to rate the date.  The Selection Tool provides a set of questions that are designed to help you understand how well you and your date are mirrored.  A graph of your answer is created at the end of the questionnaire so you can easily understand the Levels of Mirroring.  You can even use the Selection Tool to leave an endorsement for your date!

These tools are designed to help raise your awareness in Connection and Selection.  Magical Matchers don't just blindly fall forward into love.  Instead, we measure Connection and Levels of Mirroring in our dates and relationships to ensure that we select pairings that make us feel alive and deeply love, and that also have incredible harmony and ease.  In Your Book: See Step 3: Connection and Step 4: Filter. 


The Selection Tool allows you to work in two different ways:

• You can rate a date and provide Endorsement feedback
• View your after-date results


Rating a date and providing Endorsement feedback

To rate the date, or leave feedback, first go to that person's Mirror Page and click the Selection Tool:

In the example, you rating the date with Orlando.


   0. Go to Orlando's Mirror Page

   1. Click Selection

   2. Click I've Had A First Date ...
























Rating the Date

The About Your Date section questions general information about the date.  In the strongest Mirror Connections, dates should feel amazingly comfortable and go on for hours.



Rating the Levels of Mirroring


This section of the Selection Tool questionnaire allows you to rate the Levels of Mirroring.   As you reach a certain number of dates, the questions will change.  A graph of your answers will appear at the end of the questionnaire.




Providing Pictures and Logistics Feedback

The Logistics section of the questionnaire permits you the opportunity to leave feedback on the accuracy of your date's pictures and logistics.  These answer will become part of your date's Endorsement Scores.  



• Magical Matches is a community of people who are all looking for their Magical Match.  Endorsements are a way to help our fellow members achieve their goal.  

• Just because she wore different clothes to the date than she wore in her pictures or his hair is slightly different does not make her pictures inaccurate .  You must rate pictures on whether they substantially reflect your date's real-life appearance.

• Intentionally leaving inaccurate endorsement feedback will get you removed from the Magical Matches site.




Providing Endorsements

The Endorsement section of the questionnaire permits you the opportunity to leave Endorsements for your date.  Your endorsements will added to their Endorsements Tool.  



• Magical Matches is a community of people who are all looking for their Magical Match.  Endorsements are a way to help our fellow members achieve their goal.  

• Intentionally leaving inaccurate endorsement feedback will get you removed from the Magical Matches site.



Viewing your after-date results

After you have completed the Selection Tool  form and submitted, a graph of your results will appear.  

Results of Rating The Date with Larry: 

   1. Day and date number with Larry.

   2. Graph of Mirror Elements from a date with Larry

   3. Your rating of date #1 with Larry












If you wish to review the results again at a later date:

   0. Go to your Mirror Page

   1. Click Selection
   2. Click on the desired person 












The Mirror Effect is based on mirroring—bringing two people together who are highly alike.

But even as Mirroring uncovers profound connections, the human factor cannot be discounted.  It does no good to mirror without regard for predilection, without accounting for personal preference.  The Dating Genome is the answer.  It allows you to set your personal preferences (predilections).  

How does that work?  Let's take a look!

Let's say you're viewing Larry's (or Larrita's) Mirror Page which has Drinks: None.  You, on the other hand, are a red wine fanatic and have set your Logistics to Drinks: Love Red.   Larry's Logistic Score will obviously reflect that your and Larry's Drinks settings are not matched.  So far, so good.  However, you have found through experience that people who don't drink just aren't that interesting to you.  Every time you meet a non-drinker, the fact they don't drink makes you uneasy.


In that case, you can use the Dating Genome to set your preference for non-drinkers.   


When viewing Larry's (or Larrita's) Mirror Page: 

   1. Click on Drinks entry

   2. Set the slider to the desired value

   3. Click Save 












By setting the Drinks: No genome item to -5, all non-drinkers will have their Genome Score and overall Mirror Index scores reduced--non-drinkers will appear lower in your Mirror Pool.


You can even apply a curve, if you will, to the Drinks rating.   Because you Love Red:


• When you see a Mirror Profile with Love Red, you could Genome that setting to +5 

• When you see a Mirror Profile that has Love White, you could set that to +3

• Maybe a Beer Aficionado is a 0

• A Daily Drinker might be a +2 for you

• While a person that only drinks Weekends might be a -2


In the example, you can use the Dating Genome to define what/how a person drinks and precisely how that fits you (or doesn't fit you).  


Used properly, the Dating Genome can be set to define an entire person--age, job, religion, kids, Deal Makers and Breakers, etc.  Setting the Genome will cause people with those positive Genome matches to have an increased Mirror Index score; those with negative Genoming will be pushed down.


Notice that with the Dating Genome there are no hard boundaries.  There is no sort that says 'show me everyone under 40 years old'.  That type of sort defines only one aspect of a person.  Because the Dating Genome describes an entire person, the best person for you (the ones with the best matching Genome) will always rise towards the top of the list, even if one single aspect isn't perfectly aligned.


Example: If Joe is 30, he can build a dating genome that says: 

• age 29, -5; 
• age 33,   0; 
• age 36, +5; 
• age 40, -1; 
• age 45, -5.  

Joe has declared his predilection for older women and provided a curve to that predilection.  He’s built an outline of the age he prefers in a mate.  When the overall Mirror Index is calculated, Linda, a woman who is 46--but is otherwise perfectly mirrored and highly matches all of Joe's other genomes--will still appear very high in Joe's Mirror Pool.  Regardless of Joe's genome age setting, Joe still can find the best mirror for him…and Linda doesn’t have to lie about her age to make the ‘45 and under’ cut.


On MM, shaving 5 years off your age, or adding 3 inches to your height, doesn't accomplish anything (other than to maybe earn you a lower endorsement score).  Those people with the best combination of Mirroring and your set Genoming will automatically rise to the top of your Mirror Pool.   


As a final note, remember to use the Dating Genome responsibly!  Only Genome those items that you know work well for (mirror)  you or are specific predilections. Sandra Bullock might have thought that dating a burly motorcycle guy would be the perfect thing--and it probably was in her mind.  But that thought has nothing to do with Mirroring.  Finding your Magical Match means focusing on Mirroring and not just whatever characteristics you imagine will be good for you.






The right-hand navigation bar allows you to access the various sections and features on Magical Matches.


The Navigation is broken into sections: 

   1. Which Pool To Sort

   2. Sort The Pool By
   3. My Mirror Page

   4. My Account 

   5. radio MM
   7. Help
   8. Logout




Which Pool to Sort allows to you select which Mirror Pool you're going to look at.  There are four different pools.  Remember, that finding your Magical Match relies on filtering the many down to a pool of people who mirror you well--your personal Mirror Pool.  

Step 1: Mirror Profile was completed when you selected your Mirror Pool during the account registration processes.   You placed yourself in one of the six mirror pools:  Kiss, Tango Candles, Rings, Embrace, or Hands.  If you decided to write your own personal Mirror Profile (a super idea!) for your About Me, then you've really done well for completing Step 1!

Step 2: Filter says to further sort the pool, searching for those the mirror you the most.  



There four types of Mirror Pools are:

• My Mirrors:  My Mirrors is your full Mirror Pool--this pool contains all the community members (people) you've been paired with.  This is the pool from which to being to filter.   When you find a person that mirrors you well, place that person's Mirror Page into your My Saved Mirrors.  Your My Saved Mirrors will then become your Mirror Pool for communication and dating.

• My Saved Mirrors:  Mirror Pages that you save are stored in your Saved Mirror Pool.   If you find a fellow member that seems to Mirror you well, place their Mirror Page in the My Saved Mirrors.  This is part of the filtering process to create the best possible Mirror Pool from which use the 6-Step process.  My Saved Mirrors is your Mirror Pool for communication and dating.

When a Mirror Page is saved, it is automatically removed from your My Mirrors pool

Mirrors I've Deleted:  Mirror Pages that you delete are stored in your Mirrors I've Deleted pool.  You should delete Mirror Pages from your other Mirror Pools when you have decided a particular member is not a good mirror for you.

When a Mirror Page is deleted, it is automatically removed from your other pools

Who Has Saved Me?: This pool displays which members have saved you in their Saved Mirrors pool.


Which Pool To Sort and Sort The Pool By work together.  When you select Which Pool To Sort, the mirror pool will be sorted by the currently selected Sort The Pool By:

• If Sort The Pool By is set for Mirror Index and Which Pool To Sort is set to Saved Mirror Pool,  your saved mirrors will be displayed in order from the highest Mirror Index to the lowest Mirror Index
• If Sort The Pool By is set for Genome Index and Which Pool To Sort is set to Saved Mirror Pool, then the Saved Mirror Pool will be displayed in order form the highest Genome Index to the lowest Genome Index.  



Sort The Pool By  selects how the mirror pool displayed.  Do you want to see the Mirror Pool listed by Mirror Index or by Distance?  Sort the Pool By allows you to select how your mirror pool is sorted and displayed.



There four sort types:

• Mirror Index:  Sort the pool display by the Mirror Index, highest score first.  Sorting by Mirror Index presents fellow members who have a best combination of Mirroring and Genoming based upon your Mirror Page/Genome settings.

• Genome Index:  Sort the pool display by Genome Index, highest score first.  Sorting by Genome Index presents fellow members who best match your personal predilections.

• Endorsement Score:  Sort the pool display by Endorsement Score.  Sorting by Endorsement Score presents fellow members who have the highest endorsements from fellow members and have been through mirror University (showing they have a good foundation in the Mirroring philosophy).

• Distance: Sort the pool display by those members who are closest to you.  Those in the same zip code are shown as being with 1 mile.

• Recent LoginSort the pool display by those members who have accessed their accounts most recently.



Pool Display
The pool display shows each member of your Mirror Pool.  

• Which Pool To Sort controls which pool is displayed
• Sort The Pool By controls how the pool is sorted  


In the example below, you are looking at the My Mirrors Pool (A), sorted by Mirror Index (B): 

When viewing Nick in the Mirror Pool: 

   1. Click on the image (left) half  to display Nick's Mirror Page

   2. Click on the brown (right) half  to display Nick's Mini Mirror

   3. Nick's Mirror Index 

   4. Nick's Endorsement Score 
   5. Click to place Nick into your My Saved Mirrors 
   6. Click to place Nick into your Mirror's I've Deleted
   7. Nick's distance to you, height, and number of children at home 

Mini Mirror Display
The Mini Mirror display provides a summary of a fellow member's Mirror Page.  Using the arrows   , you can quickly filter the Mirror Pages for those that mirror you the best.



When viewing Nick's Mini Mirror: 

   1. Click to place Nick into your My Saved Mirrors

   2. Click to place Nick into your Mirror's I've Deleted

   3. Click to send Nick a message 

   4. Nick's "About Me"
   5. Click to display Nick's Mirror Page 
   6. Nick's "Logistics"
   7. Nick's Mirror Index
   8. Nick's Endorsement Scores





See Mirror Pages 



My Account allows you to control various features of your subscription and site features:

• Address and Shipping address
• Payment and subscription
• Login Information
Mirror Page and member blocking


Account Info

Account Info displays information about your:
• Type of subscription
• Name
• Address
• Phone Number
• Date of Birth
• Email address
• Shipping Address (*so we can send you a copy of The Mirror Effect book!)
     * For newly opened, paying subscriptions only  


Payment Info

Payment Info provides a way to purchase a subscription: 
• Select your membership level
• Supply your credit card information
• Decide if you want Automatic Renewal


Login Info

Login Info displays your the email address used as your login access to the site: 

• To change the email address used for login to the site, just enter the new information and click Save Changes.




Privacy displays:
• the Mirror Pages you've blocked
• permits you to hide your Mirror Profile from the Mirror Pool




radio Magical Matches
radio MM is the first of its type--a LIVE online call-in talkshow dedicated to you and your search for your Magical Match.  Every day (well, almost every day), you can listen to mirroring pros talk with your fellow members (maybe even you!) to answer questions on subjects ranging from "He feels like a male copy of me.  Isn't that weird?" to "How do I adjust my Dating Genome?"

radio MM, like the rest of Magical Matches, is dedicated to just one thing--you and your search for the deepest of Mirror love.

The radio MM schedule is here.  Make sure to stop by and listen.  We'd love to put you on-the-air with us!




mirror University (mirror U)
We developed mirror University to help you find a relationship of amazing happiness, warmth, and meaning.  A relationship that makes you feel alive, deeply connected and understood--a relationship of deep love beyond your wildest dreams.

mirror U is packed with information on The Mirror Effect, the 6-Steps, and direction on how best to use the MM website to find your Magical Match. 


Why is it important for you to view the videos and read the articles on mirror U, you ask?

A good question!


People who have a good understanding of the mirroring philosophy and process are easier to date.  They realize that each person is looking for their best mirror, their Magical Match.  They know to look for a connection that already exists.  They have similar expectations of dating and relationships.   They know that work in a relationship is wrong and that if things don't work out, that it's about the pairing, not anyone in particular.   Magical Matchers want their fellow members to have the relationship that's the best for them.  Reading the book and going through mirror University supply the foundation for understanding everything from the Mirror Profile through to holding the most incredible love you've ever known.


mirror U Main Page
The mirror U main page provides a way for you to navigate the various curriculum sections.  From the main page, you can navigate to view information on the mirror effect or step 5: let go.  There are even additional sections under the more mirror U sections link.

Selections on the mirror U main page: 

   1. Click on any section to go to the articles for that section

       ex: Click on Step 2: Filter to go to that section

   2. The current article is displayed here

   3. Click to start a video 

   4. Click to view a video in the library


mirror U Section
Sections of mirror U provide articles (video, podcasts, written articles) on the subject matter particular to that section.  If you're in the step 1: mirror profile section, then all the articles on that page will be about the Mirror Profile.  

The articles in a mirror U section have a specific order.  When a article completes, the area below the article (area 3) will display a multiple-choice question about the article.  When you answer correctly, points are added to your Overall Endorsement Score.  

After you answer the question, the next article will be automatically loaded.

Selections on the mirror U main page:

   1. The current article is displayed here

   2. Click to start a video

   3. Displays article summary and question after the articles finishes

   4. The next article for you to see
   5. A recently added article
   6. Videos in the this section's library   




Ummmm....this help file.  You're already here!  

If something is missing or doesn't make sense, please drop us an email at and tell us about it!




Logs you out of the Magical Matches website.   For reasons of security, you should ALWAYS logout of your session if you leave your computer.  It's just a good practice...