Different thinking
leads to different love.

What is the Dating for True Love System?

The Dating for True Love System is a first-of-its-kind, thought-leading approach designed to find those who are naturally meant for you – a radically differernt type of love which is uncommonly harmonious, connected, and easy.

The core of the system is the Dating for True Love Event – a 6-hour online seminar. The event is available on-demand, as well as hosted with LIVE INTERACTIVE Q&A from Bloved's TV studio.

But it takes more than a seminar to make a system. Other components of True Love System include:

  • Our published book, The Mirror Effect
  • The Loveship workbooks, checklists, and ground-breaking flowcharts
  • Answers Live!, our Q&A, support, and coaching program
  • MirrorU, our online university
  • Our upcoming Loveship measurement app
  • An optional course for writing your Bloved online profile
  • Bloved Dating, our private dating site available exclusively to True Love Event graduates

It's an entire ecosystem designed to get you off the hamster wheel of dating failure by leading you to an experience so powerful that it will re-write your understandings of dating and relationships. It's a moment which will restore your faith in love.

Deeply heartfelt.
Ingeniously logical.

How Does the True Love System Find Loveships?

Simply, the system reveals the difference between modern love and natural love, identifies the unique group of people who are naturally meant for you, and shows you how to find those specific people.

Created by our founders, who used the system to find natural true love for themselves, the True Love System reinvents every facet of the search for love from the ground-up using an approach that is ingeniously logical and deeply heartfelt.

How did we reinvent the search for love?

Check out the 9 radical pillars of the Dating for True Love System:

  1. Acknowledge the facts

    Online dating isn’t working. Dating isn’t working. Relationships, practical advice, and common wisdom aren’t working. It’s obvious that the modern approach to finding love is fundamentally broken at every turn.

  2. Push the reset button – hard

    We can’t keep doing the same old thing over and over. No!

    Finding modern love means falling in love, growing a bond, and building a relationship – and then working perpetually to keep it alive with patience, effort, compromise, and unconditional love.

    But with a divorce every 30 seconds, we know that formula doesn’t work.

    Finding the type of easy, fulfilling love that singles demand today means that we must stop looking for 'long-term relationships'. We must stop believing that love requires compromise. We must recognize that any love which needs a maintenance plan is a love that will not last.

    We must change the entire dating formula!

  3. Set a radically different goal

    We must shift from building relationships to finding a natural connection that doesn't need to be built or grown. Instead of slowly falling in love, the goal is to find someone with whom you share a deep pre-existing love.

    Imagine what it would be like to be with someone with whom you have a deep, built-in bond – a person who naturally gets you on every level and in every way without even trying.

    Now, you are loved for being who you naturally are! No struggle. No friction. Just a type of love which is peaceful and easy.

    It's a revolutionary, game-changing shift towards finding a much truer love.

    We call it a Loveship; it’s the next step beyond ‘relate-tion-ships’.

  4. Align the system to goal

    Modern dating treats profiles, dating, and being in a relationship as separate objectives, each having its own set of skills, tactics, and rules. This is confusing and ineffective!

    The True Love System realigns all the phases to work together – your profile, messaging, first date, dating, and partner selection all working synergistically to hit the single target of finding those with whom you share a Loveship.

  5. Institute a set of steps

    The process of dating must be overhauled. The new process must simple to understand, easy to execute, give daters more control, create a vastly improved dating experience, and produce predictable, heart-warming results. These are imperative!

    The 6 Steps to Finding Your Loveship does all that and more.

    The 6 Steps simply and clearly guides you how to do it: what to write in your profile, how to message, who to invite to a first date, and exactly what to look for on the date.

    The 6 Steps eliminates the wrong ones before the first date, brings the rights ones to the first date, and lines you up to experience a type of connection that will shatter everything you think you know about love.

  6. Power it up!

    You need more than dating tips or the latest online dating site. You need a complete system – from profile to finding your Loveship and everything between.

    We have the tools you need! From our book, to our online university, to our app that helps you identify the Loveship connection, just to name a few.

    We even have a new, private dating site optimized for finding Loveships. Bloved Dating is available exclusively to those who have seen the True Love System Event.

    It's a complete system designed to get you from single to Loveship. No other company has the depth of tools we have to help you find what your heart and soul so deeply yearn for.

  7. Make online dating really work

    The True Love System works with any online dating site. The system transforms online dating from a virtual bar into a powerful tool for finding Loveships.

    The system makes online dating into what it should have always been from the very beginning.

  8. Achieve a kick-ass outcome

    Getting highly connected dates, increased confidence, and having more control than you ever felt before is just the beginning.

    Ultimately, finding a Loveship is an experience that makes the heart and soul soar. You are met, heard, understood, and loved in the deepest ways possible. Loveships have a remarkable absence of friction and discord, making Loveships amazingly harmonious, deeply connected, and freaking easy.

    Take it from us: It really does feel magical!

  9. It's about LOVE

    With all this talk about systems and steps, at the end of the day, it’s about finding LOVE.

    True love only comes when you meet someone who is naturally meant for you. It's love to the depth, and breadth, and height a soul can reach. Unfettered. Untamed. It's more than dreams can hold.

  10. With 7 billion people on the planet, no one should have to settle for an ordinary relationship.

    There are people out there right now with whom you already share a genuine Loveship; you just have to know how to find them…and the True Love System will help you do just that!