Changing the
status quo ... forever!

Who We Are

We are Jedis for love, battling the evil dating myths and relationship paradigms that have led us to a glut of bad dates and a 50% divorce rate that has remained unchanged for decades.

We are here to say to singles that something has gone terribly wrong when only 1 in 6 relationships is truly thriving. We are here to point out that effort and compromise are not the solution to the problem — they are the problem.

We help singles see a different way — a radically different path to finding a Loveship; someone who is naturally meant for you.


Their Story

About Troy

After divorcing from a 20 year traditional relationship of compromise, friction, and work, Troy discovered the true love connection on a first date. The experience had such a profound impact that it radically changed his views on dating and relationships.

An author of three patents in computer network encryption, Troy used his expertise in pattern recognition to decipher the tangible traits of true love during his own search for love.


About Judy

At 48 years old, Judy had experienced many wonderful relationships, but none which she would consider marrying. All that changed for this accomplished entrepreneur and patent holder when she met Troy and the True Love System.

The experience of finding someone who was naturally meant for her was so profoundly strong that she knew on the first date that she was going to marry Troy.


About Team Bloved

Team Bloved is a small group of people dedicated to changing the way the world believes love works. Here's who on Team Bloved:

  • A PhD in Creativity who also happens to teach nuclear physics
  • A genius software engineer who trains dolphins and swims with orcas
  • and his equally insanely talented brother with whom he has co-authored at least five patents
  • The team also includes a set of Mad Men (and Woman) who have worked on ad campaigns for names like GM, Apple, Steven Spielberg, The Rolling Stones, and Nike just to name a few
  • Add in a career LMFT who can always find the perfect gift
  • A guy who can do everything from html to social marketing, but would prefer to teach disabled and disadvantaged kids to surf
  • A molecular biologist who classifies people based on their eyes
  • Two publishers dedicated to spreading all the words
  • and a couple of successful, amazing author/editors — and you have Team Bloved!